With effect from 1st January 2018 for all new customers, customers having lessons before this date please contact me for prices.

Current offers

  • 10 learner lesson hours for £260
  • 3 hour motorway lesson for £85
  • Introduce a friend – for every friend who books with me you earn £20 cash.  Your friend gets a good deal too, saving 10% off their initial booking – the more hours they book, the more they save!  Please note you will only receive the payment after they have taken 5 hours of learner lessons but they get the discount straight away.

Current prices

  • £27 per hour for learner lessons
  • £30 per hour for post-test tuition

Driving lesson subscriptions

We pay for a lot of things in life monthly so why not driving lessons?

For a fixed amount each month you can receive either 1, 2 or 3 two hour learner lessons per week and can buy an add-on for extra benefits.

  • The first payment needs to be paid on or before the first lesson and monthly thereafter.
  • Weeks start on Mondays, so the number of Mondays in the month determines how many lessons you receive per month.
  • Any subscription remaining after test pass can be used towards further training or refunded pro rata.
  • Subscriptions can be paid by bank transfer or credit/debit card.
  • All lessons must be 2 hours.
  • If you cancel a lesson you will lose your lesson for that week.
  • If I cancel your lesson I will credit your account so you can redeem it for an extra lesson in the future. If you have lessons in credit when you pass you will receive cashback at the rate of £45 per 2 hour lesson.
  • If you decide to switch to pay as you go or by block you will lose any benefits and hours in credit.
  • You are able to purchase extra hours whenever you like to top up your hours for the week.
  • Separate terms and conditions apply – contact me for further details.

1 x 2 hour learner lesson per week = £219 (per month)

2 x 2 hour learner lessons per week = £409 (per month)

3 x 2 hour learner lessons per week = £599 (per month)

For an extra £20 per month you receive:

  • 2 hours on the day of your practical test (including use of the car for test).
  • One attempt at the theory test.
  • One attempt at the practical test.
  • Copy of the Official Highway Code.

If you wish to pay the extra to receive the benefits this must be paid each and every month you pay your normal subscription.

Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers available for 2, 5 and 10 hours (learners only), other vouchers available on request.  These make great and useful gifts for Christmas and birthday presents and other celebrations such as a new job or passing exams. Contact me for more information.

2 hour voucher = £55

5 hour voucher = £130

10 hour voucher = £250

All vouchers come with a copy of the Official Highway Code book – essential reading for any driver.

Pass Plus

6 hour course for £175 (see Pass Plus section for more information).

Parents course

Prices start at £60 for a 2 hour session.

New parent or parent-to-be courses

These are bespoke packages so please contact me to discuss your requirements.