“I’m so glad that I learnt to drive with Emma. She is a fantastic instructor – professional, friendly and very patient! I also did the pass plus course with Emma which was very useful, especially for motorway driving. Emma’s style of teaching prepares you for a lifetime of driving, not just to pass your test. I would recommend her to any learner driver.”  Emily D


“Emma helped my confidence no end after failing a couple of tests with my previous instructor. We worked on my weaker areas until I felt ready to tackle anything, not only for the test but also for driving in the ‘real’ world. Emma made sure every part of my lesson was used effectively and tailored to me personally rather than one size fits all and I feel this, as well as her positivity and patience is what made the difference and got me that pass!” Kate


“I have been having driving lessons with Emma now for some time. Because I am an older driver of 48 it has been very difficult for me to learn new skills and remember things. I have been a very anxious pupil whilst driving, and she has been very supportive and patient with me, I have had many moments of panic but Emma has suggested techniques that have helped me with this. I would recommend Emma as a driving instructor to anyone, especially people who are very nervous.”  Liz


“I found driving lessons with Emma very helpful and confidence building.  She is friendly and accommodating, whilst maintaining efficient teaching methods.  Thank you very much for all your help!” Louise


“Before learning with Emma, I had an instructor I did not get on with and stopped driving for several years. I was quite nervous about starting again, but very quickly Emma restored my confidence. I always felt safe in the car and assured that she could handle any situation! Emma is encouraging, patient and a very talented teacher – I highly recommend her to learners of all ages and abilities. I passed my test first time! Thank you!” Ros


“Literally the best driving instructor in the world. I had two instructors before Emma and I was a very nervous driver, I started learning with Emma, and there was no pressure on her part, she was happy for me to get comfortable driving, but also pushed me and supported me through both my theory and practical tests. Would recommend to anyone wanting to learn to drive with Emma. She is accommodating of everyone and is always so helpful and goes above and beyond. Thanks Emma! X” Emily A


“Thank you for your hard work and patience towards me and helping me pass my test!”  Connor


“Thanks so much for teaching me and putting up with my poor time keeping and inability to learn things without being told them 50 times!”  Meghan


“Absolutely Brilliant driving instructor, would recommend to anyone and easy to get on with . We have had some laughs thankyou again Emma :)”  Josh


“Would urge anyone looking for a driving instructor, try Emma first.”   Trevor


“Outstanding driving instructor. Will recommend to everyone.”  Tom H


“Excellent instructor for anybody looking to learn at their own pace. Thanks very much, Emma for helping me pass.”  Tom F


“Awesome driving instructor will recommend to anyone who wants to learn how to drive.”  Ryan


“Brilliant instructor, would recommend to anyone.”  Ella


“Very good driving instructor, would recommend to anyone looking to start lessons. Thank you.”  Liam

“A first class teacher!
I was incredibly nervous and wasn’t very confident with the idea of driving to start with. In our first lesson I was so nervous I could only build up enough confidence to move the car forward a couple of feet. I started with 1 hour lessons to reduce the stress and Emma worked with me slowly to build up my confidence step by step. I finally got to 2 hour lessons and my confidence excelled from there. Emma had so much paitence with me, when I was really struggling to understand something, she would break it down into chunks and we would spend a lesson on each chunk and then after so many lessons, bring it all back together! During my time with Emma I had a horse riding accident and lost my memory as well as fracturing my left foot so was out of action for 3 months. She was very understanding and incredibly supportive when I came back. My anxiety got a lot worse after my accident which meant everything took a lot longer than before. But still remaining paitent she supported me through everything. Emma, really goes out of her way to help you to learn, she created many video’s of the dreaded Pen Inn roundabout for me to watch at home to help me navigate my way round. She re-created methods for paralell parking & reversing around a corner several times for me until we found something that worked! We worked hard together on the run up to my test and I was so grateful to be able to have her in the car with me as I took the test, a real help to my anxiety knowing that she was there supporting me! I passed my test first time with 2 minors and I am convinced it’s because of Emma’s supportive and structured way of teaching! I also did my Pass Pluss with Emma and that was really helpful and a brilliant confidence boost for me. Knowing she is always there if I need to ask a question is also an incredible asset! An amazing teacher and I cannot speak highly enough of her! Emma has seen me through alot and has put up with alot of my tears! If you have a disability or anxiety or are just very nervous, Emma should be your first choice!!”  Vicki