No matter at what age you are learning to drive the process can at times be fun, stressful, exciting, scary and everything in between.  It’s important to remember that different people learn at different rates and there are bound to be some parts of learning to drive that you find easier than others.  I pride myself on working to the DVSA’s National Standards for Driving (and the version for driver trainers) which includes requiring trainers to promote client centred learning – all this means to you is that your learning to drive experience will be tailored to you, we work at your pace and with methods that suit you (within reason!).  This is designed to help you be a better and safer driver.  I have a flexible approach and am always open to new ideas which is why I ensure I regularly attend training courses to improve my skills which I can then use to make my customers better, safer drivers.

An important thing to remember when learning to drive is that not everyone will be considerate to you.  You may from time to time have people beep at you, overtake unsafely, shout abuse, drive aggressively – all this is unfortunately part of learning to drive.  Planning ahead as well as using mirrors to plan for potential actions of road users behind you can help make you a safer driver, but there will always be those out there who act unexpectedly – so always prepare for the unexpected when driving and try to remain calm in the face of aggressive/unpredictable road users to ensure you and your passengers are safe.  That’s not to say there aren’t considerate road users – people will often allow you extra space or time and are forgiving when you make mistakes (which you will because you are learning).  My job is to support you throughout your learning to drive process which includes learning how to expect the unexpected and be able to deal with it confidently and most importantly safely.

Just remember – it’s better to be fully prepared for a lifetime of driving before you take your test than struggle to deal with the unexpected when you haven’t got the benefit of me as your safety net.