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  • Emma Hallett

Which lane to use for road ahead at a roundabout?

I’ve realised recently that a lot of people – learners and experienced drivers – seem confused about which lane to use to follow the road ahead at a roundabout. The issue mainly arises when there are only 2 lanes so see below for a helpful list.

You should use the left hand to follow the road ahead at a roundabout unless:

  • There are signs/road markings telling you to use the right hand lane

  • There are only two exits (left and road ahead) so if the right hand lane is not used for road ahead it’s pointless having one

  • If the road ahead exit is past the 12 o’clock position

Don’t forget – just because you are in the right hand lane does not mean that you should signal right, if you are following the road ahead no signal is required (unless it is the first exit).

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