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  • Emma Hallett

Extra support available for disabled drivers who break down

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower have partnered with National Highways to better support disabled drivers on England's motorways and major A-roads. Traffic officers have received extra training to recognise that those displaying the Sunflower may need more help, support or time. Although they will recognise lanyards, they are now able to provide a FREE sticker (to go on the passenger side of the back window) or magnet (to be placed on the passenger side of the rear bodywork when needed). I think this is a great initiative and will make a big difference to a lot of people.

If you break down on a motorway or major A-road and contact National Highways before your breakdown provider, they will be able to offer you support. You can contact them using a roadside emergency phone or if you are not able to access one, call 0300 123 5000 or text 0738 028 3600. Make sure you tell them you are part of the Sunflower scheme so they can tell the people who will be assisting you.

Even if vehicles are looked after, they can still break down and this can be a difficult and stressful experience, even more so with a disability. You can find out more and order yours here.


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