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  • Emma Hallett

Has driving got worse since lockdowns?

Covid-19 and the necessary lockdowns to slow the spread of the virus have affected many aspects of our lives. Something I have noticed is that driving standards seem to have dropped over the last year or so. My theory is that during lockdowns, especially lockdown 1, there were fewer vehicles on the road and people got used to quieter roads and perhaps started to drive faster. Certainly, there was no significant change in the number of collisions during lockdown 1 than would normally be expected despite less traffic. Now that there is traffic again, people are maybe gettting frustrated that journey times are taking longer. There are also people who are driving now who have held licences for a number of years but had not driven so maybe their skills are a bit rusty. Generally, stress, depression and anxiety are affecting more people than before Covid-19 and our mood definitely impacts the way we drive. There are also more cyclists on the roads than before covid and more people are out walking and running. As drivers, we have a responsibility to share the roads safely with other road users (whether on foot, 2 wheels, 4 or more!). We need to ensure we are calm and ready to drive before we get behind the wheel and forgive others mistakes.


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