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Driving Lesson

Why Choose
Drive with Emma?


Emma is a highly experienced, top grade driving instructor, having taught people with a wide variety of conditions and disabilities, as well as working as a Driving Assessor for Cornwall Mobility. Emma has undertaken training with Motability, the Queen Elizabeth Foundation and the DIA to further her knowledge. Emma is currently studying for a Post Graduate qualification in Driving and Outdoor Mobility through Oxford Brookes University.


Emma is a Driving Test Nerves Specialist. She has underaken training in a range of proven specialist techniques (adapted for learner drivers) to help combat driving anxiety and test nerves. The idea behind this is to allow you to more easily absorb information and feel calmer and more confident behind the wheel. You can find out more here.


All learner drivers will have free of charge access to theory training through Theory Test Pro. This will help you fully prepare for the multiple choice questions and hazard perception videos. Emma can monitor your progress and offer tailored support to maximise your chance of success. You can find out more here.


Learner drivers will have access to the Total Drive app which is used to record your lessons, progress and payments. You can pay via the app, contact Emma directly, reflect on your lessons, receive reminders about lessons and even upgrade for theory test training. 


Emma's car is a dual controlled Toyota Yaris Cross hybrid. The car has some of the latest tech, is comfortable and reliable. It's fitted with the most common adaptations, including a left foot accelerator, push/pull hand controls, steering ball and Lodgesons steering aid.


Learning to drive with Drive with Emma

Jesse has cerebral palsy and before starting his lessons he had a driving assessment at Cornwall Mobility. They advised that he couldn't operate a car as standard and recommended that Jesse drove with his left foot instead.

Jesse was a very committed learner and always wanted to ensure he understood each skill. He gradually became more confident and capable, progressing onto busier and bigger roads. By the end of his training Jesse was driving independently on all different types of roads, including the motorway. Emma was confident that Jesse was ready for his driving test in September 2022 which he passed in Newton Abbot on the first attempt with only 3 driving faults.

He now has codes on his driving licence which restrict him to driving automatic vehicles with a left foot accelerator, but Jesse doesn't mind as it gives him much longed for freedom in his Motability car.

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