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Driving without adaptations

Not everyone needs adaptations to drive but you may feel that you would still benefit from the knowledge and experience of a specialist disability driving instructor. Whether you are learning to drive, returning to driving following illness or injury, or are simply looking for some confidence boosting sessions, I may be able to help.

As I specialise in teaching people to drive with adaptations I give them priority in my diary. This means that you may have a longer wait to start your lessons. Once you have been given a slot in my diary you will be able to keep that slot (barring usual cancellation reasons) until you have finished your lessons. If you are a full licence holder I may be able to offer you cancellation slots, this will mean lessons take place sooner but will not be a regular day and time.

Please be aware that if you live outside my usual area (see here) I will be unable to help unless you are able to travel to meet me. I am able to collect people from bus and train stations as well as meet in local car parks if you are given a lift.

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