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  • Emma Hallett

How to prepare your car for MOT success

So you've passed your test and now have to take your car for an MOT, do you know what to expect? Do you know that you can put in a little time and effort beforehand to save you money? If your car fails the MOT, you will have to pay for any necessary repairs and another test. Some of the checks you can make are quick and easy, some you should be doing regularly anyway, and others can be done free of charge by a local garage. If the repairs need to be done anyway, I feel it's best to get them done beforehand and avoid an MOT retest. I've listed here some of the most basic checks you can do to prepare.

Lights - you should check your lights are working regularly, you may need help with the brake lights, and remember to check the fog lights and number plate lights too as these are easily forgotten.

Tyres - make sure you have at least 1.6mm of tread on all your tyres. You can buy tread depth gauges cheaply online or get a local garage to check them for you. Tyre pressures are easily checked at the local petrol station and inspect the tyres thoroughly for any damage.

Windscreen & wipers - check your windscreen carefully for any chips or cracks and if the wiper blades are split or cracked then get them replaced.

Under the bonnet - just like on your show me, tell me questions for your test, check the oil, coolant and brake fluid levels, as well as the washer fluid. Your vehicle handbook will tell you how to check things if you're not sure.

Brakes - if you are concerned about your brakes, maybe they are squeeling or it's taking longer to stop, then get them checked as soon as you can. Some garages will check them for free.

Horn - sound your horn (not whilst you are stationary), if it's loud enough for others to hear, you're good.

Give the car a good clean inside and out, check the bodywork for damage and clear out the boot. All this will make it easier for the MOT tester, but if there's damage you may need to get this repaired first.

You can get the MOT done up to one month (less one day) ahead of the renewal, plan ahead to get these checks done before it's due. Remember, once it expires it will be illegal to drive the car except to a prearranged MOT appointment.

I'm always happy to offer help and advice to all my customers, so if you have any questions about this please feel free to contact me.


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