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Waiting lists

Early in 2022 I had to close my waiting list as it became clear to me that I could no longer give people a realistic date of when I would have space for them to start lessons. Lessons with me have been in high demand since returning to work after the first lockdown and people have been added to the list quicker than I can clear it. I now feel that the wait for lessons is reducing and I have decided to start operating two waiting lists to make it fairer for those who don't have much choice with instructors.

List A: people who need to drive with adaptations

There are very few instructors locally who can offer lessons in an adapted car, or are trained to teach people in their own adapted cars. In view of this I have started a priority waiting list for people who need to drive with adaptations. Any slots that become available will first be offered to the people on list A.

List B: people who do not need to drive with adaptations

This is for people who want to drive with me, but don't need adaptations (and therefore have a much bigger choice of instructors). These people are likely to have a longer wait to start lessons as they will only be offered slots that people on list A cannot fill.

Please note:

Anyone that is already on my waiting list will keep their place in my list, regardless of whether or not they need to drive with adaptations.

I am still extremely busy and I do expect these lists to grow over the coming months. I will still be unable to give people an estimated start date, but will instead tell people what number they are on the list. If you are on my waiting list and would like an update of your position, please feel free to contact me at any time. I can recommend alternative instructors if you are not happy to wait for a space to become available in my diary.

Please note:

Not all spaces that become free in my diary can be filled by everyone on the list. My availablility needs to match theirs and I need to have enough time either side of that slot to travel between lessons. This may mean you are high on my list but several people below you are offered slots ahead of you.

I am trying to make things as fair as I can, I can only offer around 8 lessons each week, and have had to turn away many people this year that I did not have the space to accommodate.


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