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  • Emma Hallett

Get ready for winter

With winter on the way and the weather on the turn, if you haven’t already prepared your car, now is the time to act. Last month’s blog post ( covered preparing your car for your MOT, but a lot of the points will also help prepare your car for winter. Some places offer a free winter car check which might give you some peace of mind. Breakdowns are more likely in winter and no one wants to be stuck at the side of the road in bad weather, so it’s worth taking the time to minimise that risk.

Think about adding some things to your boot to be ready just in case you get stuck due to breakdown or bad weather. A blanket, ice scraper, warm clothing, torch and water should be the basics. Check the weather reports, especially for longer journeys (the weather can vary greatly across the UK), so you are prepared. Take note of weather warnings and consider whether your journey is necessary. Remember, red weather warnings mean threat to life. Some roads can be closed due to snow or flooding. Locally, you may know about these as it happens often, but not when you’re further afield. Leave extra time for your journey in case you get caught out.

Remember that stopping distances increase in bad weather (x 2 in rain and up to x 10 in snow/ice), this will only be made worse if your brakes and/or tyres are worn. A lot of garages will do a free check for you, this won’t just give you peace of mind, getting things replaced when necessary could save a life.

This season also includes Christmas and New Year, both of which will be a very different prospect this year, but that doesn’t mean that people won’t still be drink driving. Remember, in the mornings people can still be over the drink drive limit from the night before. Take care on the roads as you don’t know how safe other drivers will be.


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